I am Me. Period.
I'm Shane Zimmerman @ S.U.N.Y. Fredonia for I am a student of the B.F.A. Acting program. Enjoy!
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“We have a hunger of the mind which asks for knowledge of all around us, and the more we gain, the more is our desire; the more we see, the more we are capable of seeing.” 
Maria Mitchell is known as the first professional female astronomer in the United States. On October 1, 1847, she peered through her family’s telescope and “swept around for comets,” as she did every night it was clear. But that night she became the first woman in the U.S. to discover one. She later became the first Astronomy professor at Vassar College, where she would often ask her students, “Did you learn that in a book or observe it yourself?” 
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Curious Bear || Kyriakos Kaziras
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me at the end of the school year.

i want this gif on my grave stone.
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Hello!! I hope you’re doing well, Elijah!
Take care and have a nice day! =D
awww thank you!
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nature is beautiful

is that a croissant
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